the company...

product apparel was founded by two brothers who like clothes. we took a look at the clothing being produced by independent and corporate companies popping up all over the country and thought we could create designs that are just as good or better.

we're not here to tell you how cool we are, or who we know. we're just here to make some quality shirts, hoodies, and accessories for you to wear.

our promise to you as our customer is to constantly bring you the best ideas our twisted little minds can come up with. we'll only use the highest quality shirts and we'll do the all printing and embroidery by hand, the right way. our friends will probably help, but all the stuff will be made by people, not machines. perfection isn't perfect. high fashion stuff is either made by hand or wishes it were, and if it's good enough for people with long italian names, or those who are simply eponymous, it's good enough for us.

the brothers who run product...

ian is addicted to music, djs & produces hardcore/freeform, spends a lot of his free time shooting video, wrenching on his cars, and taking pictures. in his secret life, he works as a NICU nurse.

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jason spends most of his time borrowing things from the internet, recording music, or breaking stuff. he can usually be found eating gyros at 2 am.

The Family